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Through custom design and personalized customer relationships, Green-Way creates an outdoor living space that you will want to utilize.  Outdoor lighting accentuates key areas of your property and adds dimension to your landscape in all seasons.

Outdoor lighting not only provides a safe and secure atmosphere for your home and family, it adds value to your property and maximizes your curb-appeal.

Whether for an evening swim in your pool, a resort-style backyard party or just a relaxing evening on your patio, outdoor lighting will enhance your outdoor living potential.

To help envision what your home and property will look like with outdoor lighting, Green-Way can set up a temporary demonstration kit.  Our demonstration kits are real fixtures that get set up in actual locations so you can visualize the power and value of outdoor lighting before committing to an installation.


Despite today’s higher grade fixtures and LED lamps that burn longer, servicing your outdoor lighting system is assurance that the system’s components are operating at maximum efficiency. 

Due to freezing and thawing or just routine traffic, fixtures will tend to move or come out of adjustment over time.  We recommend at least one visit per season to check the condition and adjustment of all fixtures.  If lamps are expired, they need to be replaced to ensure full illumination of focal points.  Periodic testing of various fixtures and checking lamp load on your transformer will ensure safe operation of your outdoor lighting system for years to come.

Renovations & Upgrades

Whether your personal preferences change, your outdoor nightlife increases or you have altered your landscape, Green-Way can accommodate your lighting needs to fit your demands.  Spatial changes, increased security and evening entertainment areas need to have functional lighting.

Through our extensive training, field experience and demonstration kits; we can enlighten you on what lighting you are missing.  Adding fixtures, changing designs and altering lamp choices will give you visual effects you’ve never experienced. 

Wireless control technology has taken the guess work out of outdoor lighting timers.  Through smartphones, tablets and/or computers, your outdoor lighting can be controlled manually or automatically to ensure illumination when you need it and even when you didn’t expect to need it!