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When should I open my irrigation system?

Anytime during the months of April or May.

Does my irrigation system need to be periodically checked?

Yes, programming changes are imperative and product functionality leads to greater efficiency.

When is the best time to water?

Early morning, before sunrise.

Do I need to alter my irrigation system if my landscape is changing?

Yes, irrigation systems are custom to your landscape.  There is no “one size fits all”

Do my controller/timer settings need to be changed throughout the growing season?

Yes, as the weather changes, so do plants and grass water requirements.

When should I close my irrigation system for winter?

Any time from October through November.

When should an irrigation system be installed?

An irrigation system can be installed any time, as long as the ground is not frozen.  For newly landscaped properties, the system needs to be installed prior to the installation of sod or seed.


How do I choose what type of lighting I like?

Through a brief consultation, we can offer many different options and ideas that would be suitable for your property.

Can I see what the lighting looks like before I commit?

Yes, Green-Way offers demonstration kits for visual aid.

How do I control when the lights come on or go off?

Your outdoor lighting system will be controlled either by a photocell/timer combination or a wireless system through your smartphone, tablet or computer.

What is the expected life of a fixture or lamp?

The fixtures we use carry a limited 15-year warranty or limited lifetime warranty.  All LED lamps carry a 2 or 5-year warranty.

Are LED lamps truly better than halogen lamps?

Yes, they offer more options of brightness and more color temperatures.

When should a lighting system be installed?

An outdoor lighting system can be installed at any time, as long as the ground is not frozen.  For newly landscaped properties, the lighting system is usually the last item to be installed.

Outdoor Audio

Can the speakers withstand the drastic changes in weather?

Yes, they are sealed, composite, waterproof units.

When should an outdoor audio system be installed?

At any time.

How do I control my outdoor audio system?

Through an existing interior stereo system or through a separate amplifier.

Can I integrate outdoor speakers with my existing in-home system?


What kind of wiring is used?

Direct burial, 12-guage wire.  All connections are done with brass connectors and heat-shrink  tubing for ultimate protection.

Will my neighbors hear the music?

No, through proper design, you as the listener, get full surround sound without increasing the volume to obtrusive levels.


Will a drainage system installation destroy my landscape or lawn?

No, through careful and precise excavation, trenches are opened and then closed with detail to cleanliness.

How will I know if there is debris or rodents in the drain pipe?

Through the installation of a clean out on the downspout you can flush underground piping with a garden hose.

Will the underground piping collapse over time?

No.  We use rigid PVC pipe, not corrugated pipe.

Will the dispersion of water create washout or additional runoff problems?

No, the pop-up emitters are spring-loaded to prevent the rush of rain water.  The Flo-Well systems are direct sub terrain dispersion – you’ll never see the water.